1.) Can I customize other items besides t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies? 
With our "Iron-On" product, you can create your own design and iron it on to any cotton or cotton poly blend item you like! The possibilities are endless! 
2.) I have a special design that is positioned in a creative way. I cannot seem to get the "Customize" feature to position it right. How do I do this?
No problem! Just give us a call at 480-543-8493 and one of our design experts will get you design positioned exactly how you like free of charge!
3.) Can I customize the front and back of a shirt?       
Of course you can! There is typically an additional $3.00 fee per shirt for this option. To do this, just call us at 480-543-8493 and one of our design experts will do this for you.
4.) These prices are great! Is there a minimum required?
There is no minimum required for any order!
5.) I am in Michigan and have a very complex design. Can I work with one of your design specialists? How much is it to do this?
Yes! Here at Hey Now Inks we have design specialists that can work with you at no added charge! We can even come to you with our specialized mobile workstation if you do not have time to stop by our office. Just call us at 480-543-8493 and we will set up an appointment just for you!